Easy way of adsense process


          Hello guys..long time not seeing my page because i am so busy with other work to do. But this time i am just wanna show a simple way to understand on how to apply the Adsense in a flow process.. Usually those newbie outside there are not understand well how this thing works. So i think maybe showing in the form of process image here then there will be more understanding about it...

          Applying  a Adsense is not easy as we think because google is very strictly on the content being published. That why i suggest to them to create a blog using a English language. Even it is so hard at the beginning but it very giving a benefits for a long term. For those are not yet apply the Adsense account or still not sure how to do it, get this thing and take it as a guideline...hopefully can help you...arigato..

Why… rejected???

Some of you have trying apply for adsense account but could not be approved by them. So maybe it is because…

1. You have been banned before. That why you could not be able to apply for second time..

2. Your blog content was not content substantial and original one..

3. You are not posting the articles day by day..means that you have to submit at least three articles in different days then you can apply the google adsense.

4. You are not using the english language in your blog content. If you mix the english with the others, it is also cannot approved by google.

5. You are also not fill all the detail information exactly like your passport number in the form registration. Do not use nick name and also different address.

6. Not provide accurate personal information with application that matches the information in your site.

7. You are applying the new google adsense account instead of having the existing account. So do not apply again if you already have the account.

8. You are using the same address that have used by other person. Means that if your sister has used that address before and get banned, then you cannot use it for second time..

This is just a few reason why our application was rejected by google.. beware with that..

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